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                                 CORRECT CONCEALMENT REMOVAL

                                INCORRECT CONCEALMENT REMOVAL


Damaged COA Support Process-

  • The COA return center will issue a replacement COA activation code via email.
  • If the original key printed on the COA has already been activated the request will be rejected.
  • The original key as printed on the COA will be de-activated when a replacement key is issued.
  • Customer is responsible for keeping a record of the replacement key that is issued to them via email - replacement COA sticker will not be issued.
  • The COA Return Center will not provide a replacement key for a damaged COA more than once.

What Eastern Data will require for COA activation key replacement-

  • Photo of damaged COA label
  • If COA label serial number is unreadable, a photo of the package label showing COA serial will also be required.

Generally, the process takes 24-48 hours for a new activation code.

Eastern Data does not provide physical damaged software replacement.

Per Microsoft Damaged COA product is not returnable for credit or replacement, only option will be COA activation key will be issued one time per COA.